Unapologetically yours,

I have few, if any, resolute beliefs or ideologies, yet my “sincerity radar” is always on high. (Maybe because I have a bad memory or a small capacity for that type of knowledge because I am constantly jumping to the next idea.) This blog is an unapologetic record of my take on the art that I see -as an artist, art handler, and a person who lives in New York City. I will discuss books, articles, podcasts, music, experiences and dialogue I have with people on issues that are meaningful. I vow to never revisit/edit an old post that I later disagree with. If nothing is concrete, a trail can be left behind.

This blog is not meant to accrue a following. The only way you will find it is through my website, which means that you have met me and are interested in what I am thinking. It is here, on the about page, that I DO APOLOGIZE if anything I post offends you. I want nothing but the best feelings for everyone. Perhaps it is my ego or uninformed postulation that drove me to such a post. Or perhaps it is yours that makes you offended <3