Trans-disciplinary Live Journal

We are always changing, always reaching a new phase or a new understanding, a closer relationship to the truth. I think of every new artwork as a more direct channel to one’s emotional intellect (the shared subconscious), than was the artwork before. I observe when an artist has that very direct channel, unblocked, without any weight. Transitioning to today is the second cold day of Fall, finally that dreary weather that New York City is meant to have in mid-November. October and early November was a second Summer. Like this flip flop, I can have excited and total certainty for my subject matter in painting and video, and then it can all fade away into a marshland wind, absorbed into the smells and humidity from which it came. That’s a good place to come from.

Making Space, 18×32 oil on canvas

This piece has many layers, from generational trauma to broken friendship, optimism and relief, gratitude and solemn acceptance.

work in progress: Always With You, 26×14.5 oil on canvas

I feel dysfunctional right now in terms of Sisterhood. I’m reading Down Below by Leonora Carrington, about her nervous breakdown, so I definitely connect to that and feel understood. I’m positive and light, last week I went out to everything I was invited to! I met many amazing artists. This week I’m tired, and letting it be so. The cold does that to us, we have to adjust.

I’ve been recording my dreams in the morning. It is said that recording your dreams as a steady routine induces more dreaming. Mine are always a merge of my different lives. People and nature from my home in NC blending with NY people, happenings, or architecture. Or friends from college being in my present milieu.

Walkabout (1971)

Loved this film. A little too overstating the disconnect between modern metropolitan sensibilities vs. indigenous life in the desert, but the editing, the sound design, the cinematography, the pace… all magnificent.

Here’s a clink of a glass to all the hustlers. My wrist is aching from painting and typing so I’m not painting today. Not good to force it when in pain. I’m going to take a nap. But I am in an exciting group show at Bushel Collective in Delhi, NY that opens this Saturday! 

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