Desert + Coast, Smog

I can say with pride that I helped install an exhibition at a gallery. Why can I say that with pride? Because, for the first time ever, I was emboldened to intellectually engage with the work I was hanging. Why was I emboldened? Because the context of the work says it is your duty to… Continue reading Desert + Coast, Smog

Mimi Hart Silver

I want to make a special post for a brilliant mind, artist and friend whose soul has left us. She held great wisdom even at a very young age. Here is my story of Mimi. It was my Senior year in high school. She was two years older than me and we grew up in… Continue reading Mimi Hart Silver

Not a script, but a collage

Hello world, it’s your favorite girl- chu chu chu chu chu cherry bomb. I have the capacity to speak and respond very crass or be very intellectually stimulated in the same instant. I grew up in a rural town. Not one of my extended family has ever had a remote desire to visit New York… Continue reading Not a script, but a collage

It’s been a long time but I know lots of women

Hello there! I have not blogged in over a year because I forgot how to login. We all have many passwords. Yesterday I listened to three artist interviews: Kiki Smith, Mickalene Thomas, and Faith Ringgold. I like hearing women / nonbinary career stories. Their approach and backgrounds are all very different, and I appreciate being… Continue reading It’s been a long time but I know lots of women

Trans-disciplinary Live Journal

We are always changing, always reaching a new phase or a new understanding, a closer relationship to the truth. I think of every new artwork as a more direct channel to one’s emotional intellect (the shared subconscious), than was the artwork before. I observe when an artist has that very direct channel, unblocked, without any… Continue reading Trans-disciplinary Live Journal


It’s been awhile since I posted about art because I’VE BEEN LIVING IT… mic drop. But seriously, these last several months have been art bananas and I don’t mean Comedian. Let’s jump in. Myself and my three bandmates, Daniele Yandel, Tasha Lutek, Erica Schreiner, had a 2 week residency at Millennium Film Workshop for our… Continue reading Scripted

The distracted mass

“The distracted mass absorbs the art” rather than letting the art absorb them. Architecture as seen by the daily commuter. Films that are your thoughts because it happens so quickly, you don’t have time to contemplate what it means to you. Philosophies about art as reproduction in the contemporary world by Walter Benjamin (1892-1940). I… Continue reading The distracted mass

Let’s Gogh!

What an exciting time to be breathing. It is around 10 pm and the rain’s pleasant pitter patter calms my brain. I love the sounds I hear through our bedroom window that faces the backyard, like my landlord Cecilia whistling for her cats to come in at night, and distant voices from the high decks… Continue reading Let’s Gogh!

A month under my belt

I have been in my studio for a whole month and I am fully satisfied and ecstatic by the value it has given me and all it has allowed me to learn about myself. It is funny that I assign these attributes to an inanimate physical location, when it was me who sought it out… Continue reading A month under my belt