The distracted mass

“The distracted mass absorbs the art” rather than letting the art absorb them. Architecture as seen by the daily commuter. Films that are your thoughts because it happens so quickly, you don’t have time to contemplate what it means to you. Philosophies about art as reproduction in the contemporary world by Walter Benjamin (1892-1940). I learned this from the “philosophize this” podcast. It feels premature to reference a philosopher with whom you aren’t familiar with all their ideas, and hopefully he’s not a sexist pig on the subject of gender, but this one sticks!

I visited the solo show “Drowning in the Blues” by Carolyn Salas at Mrs. Gallery. Her installations work with the negative space of the gallery so organically that it felt like the gallery walls were built around the sculptures.

Drowning in the Blues (solo show) by Carolyn Salas at Mrs. Gallery
Drowning in the Blues (solo show) by Carolyn Salas at Mrs. Gallery

I feel my ego causing me to suffer, and I need to learn how to shake those negative narratives. How do motivated people stay so uninhibited and positive? I can imagine being confident and certain about my art and decisions… the next time someone asks how and what I’m doing, I’ll have to say “great”, many times. My heart aches. Dionne Warwick’s Dad told her “There’s only one you. You can’t be any body else. So don’t even try.” Mick Jagger called The Beatles “the four headed monster.” Joni Mitchell said she doesn’t have woman friends because she ascends a crystal staircase in a long gown and flowing crown of flowers… and what will the woman say?

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