Desert + Coast, Smog

I can say with pride that I helped install an exhibition at a gallery. Why can I say that with pride? Because, for the first time ever, I was emboldened to intellectually engage with the work I was hanging. Why was I emboldened? Because the context of the work says it is your duty to… Continue reading Desert + Coast, Smog

Not a script, but a collage

Hello world, it’s your favorite girl- chu chu chu chu chu cherry bomb. I have the capacity to speak and respond very crass or be very intellectually stimulated in the same instant. I grew up in a rural town. Not one of my extended family has ever had a remote desire to visit New York… Continue reading Not a script, but a collage

Trans-disciplinary Live Journal

We are always changing, always reaching a new phase or a new understanding, a closer relationship to the truth. I think of every new artwork as a more direct channel to one’s emotional intellect (the shared subconscious), than was the artwork before. I observe when an artist has that very direct channel, unblocked, without any… Continue reading Trans-disciplinary Live Journal


It’s been awhile since I posted about art because I’VE BEEN LIVING IT… mic drop. But seriously, these last several months have been art bananas and I don’t mean Comedian. Let’s jump in. Myself and my three bandmates, Daniele Yandel, Tasha Lutek, Erica Schreiner, had a 2 week residency at Millennium Film Workshop for our… Continue reading Scripted