A month under my belt

I have been in my studio for a whole month and I am fully satisfied and ecstatic by the value it has given me and all it has allowed me to learn about myself. It is funny that I assign these attributes to an inanimate physical location, when it was me who sought it out and pays for it. As I project qualities on the studio, it is efficient and calm.

April studio selfies

I found a studio mate, Sarah Hombach, to join in May and she/they are an amazing artist and I think we will share the space well together.

‘For A Moment I Too Was Brutus’, Sarah Hombach, 30×36 acrylic on canvas

I am 95% off instagram these days, and wonder if it is a decision I made not only gives me clarity and intuition, but if it puts me less on a place to feel professional jealousy? Is that a good or bad thing?

Joe and I watched Josephine Decker’s 2013 feature film Butter On The Latch that I’ve been thinking about a lot the days following.

video still from Butter On The Latch by Josephine Decker, Cinematography by Ashley Connor

My first ever narrative short film premieres on Tuesday, May 11!

I curated a screening hosted by Millenium Film Workshop to celebrate it’s release.

still from my short film, Coral & Sebastian

I hope to catch Crow artist Wendy Redstar‘s solo show at Sargeants Daughter’s Gallery this week before it closes.

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