War and Peace

War and Peace shall be my next book, following the four I am in the middle of now. I choose this title because I believe that reading it will place a lot of later literature into context. It’s like the spore of the fiction world’s mycelium. Currently, I am on part three of The Warmth… Continue reading War and Peace

As I wait for my laundry,

As I wait for my laundry, I will do a wrap up of my cultural consuming over the weekend. I didn’t physically visit any galleries, museums, performances or public art. After 3 days of art handling, you get the itch to paint and conceptualize your ideas. My coworker described: “an artist working as an art… Continue reading As I wait for my laundry,

Today was a fun/heavy day at work.

I worked non-stop today cataloging artist edition prints by Niki de Saint Phalle (1930-2002, French-American) for her retrospective that opens next week. Her prints are a careful cultivation of naiveté, whimsical, sketchbook-like illustrations and writing. They are HUGE prints of PRISTINE quality in editions of up to 150. So I ask the question, how does… Continue reading Today was a fun/heavy day at work.